6 Simple Tech Tools Every Real Estate Investor Should Use

If you want to flip houses and run your real estate investing business like a pro, these key tech tools and resources will empower you to be a more productive and organized investor. Today, technology has enabled many investors to run lean, keep overhead down, and create more structure within their organization. For anyone looking to pull in big profits and grow their wealth through real estate investing, running your business like a business is an absolute necessity. Here are 6 tech tools I personally use in my own 6 figure flipping business and recommend to anyone wanting to streamline their processes and take their REI game to the next level. Whether you are just starting out, or looking to make some minor tweaks in your existing business, each one of these tools can be a valuable resource.

Here are the 6 simple tech tools for RE investors:
6 Simple Tech Tools Every Real Estate Investor Should Use
These are my 6 favorite – and simple – tech tools that I personally use in my 6 figure flipping business. Not only do they help me continue to grow my company, these tools have made me more confident, systematized, and consistent with how my staff and I run the business. Another great thing to note is that many of these resources can be used on the go since they have applications you can download on your mobile devices. This will empower you to be more productive and can help you make better decisions when you’re out in the field.
As you dive in, just remember that technology isn’t what will make you successful as an investor. Real estate investing empires were built long before the age of the internet, and many still continue to thrive that way today. So as you go through this article, keep in perspective that these tools are here to compliment your real estate investing success, not create it. They can make things in your business run more efficiently, but they’re not the end all be all. Let’s check out the 6 technology tools that can help you in running a more legitimate investing organization:
google-logoGSuite offers many comprehensive tools needed for any real estate investing business and the best part is, almost all of them are free. I use google voice, maps, gmail, calendar, the drive and many other valuable resources that are available on the platform. Depending on what needs you’re looking to fill in your business, Google is a great place to start. If you want a more in depth analysis of each tool, check out my detailed explanation on how to run your real estate investing business with google.
Gmail, google calendar, and the drive are amazing tools for any business owner for obvious reasons, but when it comes to running an REI business, the apps I find most valuable are google maps and google voice. Every time I’m analyzing a new property, whether I’m out in the field or not, I immediately pull up google maps to investigate it further. I like to know things like what part of town the property is in or how big the lot size is, but even better, it allows you to see a street view or satellite view of the property. I personally love the street view because I can get a tour of the neighborhood before I’ve ever even been to it. This helps you see if the neighbors keep up their properties and what the exterior condition of the home currently looks like so you can really get a feel for the area when you’re doing a quick desktop analysis of the value to see if its worth pursuing further. Overall, its a great tool for any real estate investor to use when doing your due diligence.
Google voice is also another great tool that is extremely useful and its FREE. You can pick a local number and direct it to wherever or whomever you’d like. What I like about this feature is that it transcribes any emails you all of your voicemail’s, so if you’re ever in a place where you can’t respond, you can forward the email to someone on your team or have it sent to them immediately. Its a great way to track your calls and stay organized with your follow up systems. Whichever features you intend to use, make sure you don’t overlook the value google provides and explore all the options it has to offer in detail because they have some amazing tools to offer any business owner.
2. Your Local MLS
Your MLS is one of the most valuable tools to any real estate investor, so be sure to take the time to explore all the options it has to offer. Whether you’re looking to pull tax records, or find out the most recent comparable sales, understanding how to navigate the MLS at a high level will pay major dividends. One of my favorite ways of leveraging the MLS is to find more leads that may meet what I’m looking for in a deal. I use the MLS search features to find “fixers” that need some “TLC” through keyword filters, and do this for every area I like to buy in. This is a great way of setuntitled-pictureting up multiple searches so you can capture as many leads as possible. Real estate investing is a numbers game, so the more leads you can look at, essentially the more deals you will land.
I also use the MLS to for precisely comping out properties I want to buy or sell in order to ensure Im getting the best deal, or netting as much money as I possibly can. By studying the active properties for sale, the current pending, previous solds and the withdrawn comps, I can confidently negotiate based on my findings. Overall, knowing all the features of your MLS is extremely important and I recommend to anyone – beginner, novice, or expert – that you take a class to determine what features within it can serve your business best. Techonology is always changing and being updated, and when it comes to tens of thousands of dollars on the line, its worth it to know how you leverage each feature to your advantage.
Propertyradar.compropertyradar-logo-color-640x1201 might be my favorite and most used tools in my flipping business. It’s open in my web browser 24/7 and I use their mobile app often when I’m out in the field. You can get in-depth property detail reports on specific properties, research foreclosures and houses in default, check the pulse of the market and you can use it to create lists that you want to mail to based on the specific criteria you set up. There are many options within property radar and they have really positioned themselves as a go-to platform for any serious investor.
Personally, One of my favorite ways to use the app is when I’m on the go and I see a house in a neighborhood that looks to need some love, or if it looks to be vacant, I’ll pull up the app and do a little research to see if there’s anything worth pursuing. If I like what I see, I’ll save it, notify one of my team members, and we’ll discuss the best way to get in contact with this lead back during our team huddle. This is just one example of how property radar can serve your investing business when it comes to creating more leads, and analyzing them. The only downside I’ve seen with property radar is that it only covers CA, NV, AZ, OR & WA. If you aren’t in one of these states, check out rebogateway.com as its a strong competitor and they seem to offer the same value with a larger geographic reach.

4. Wunderlist or Evernote

Wunderlist and Evernote are two apps that have been major game changers for me. Wunderlist is a great logo-bigtool for creating lists that you can share with your team to ensure you’re all on the same page. It allows you to set up alerts, assign tasks, and even chat within the app. I love creating new “projects” for my flips and labeling all the “to-do’s” in our checklist within the folder. I’ll have my contractors, staff, and project manager operate out of the app so we can keep things up to date at all times and have an internal communication system where everyone knows what’s going on. I found that Wunderlist is great for our team because it is simple, it’s cloud-based, and its accessible from practically any device.

icon256Evernote is another favorite of mine that I just couldn’t leave off the list. It’s known for being one of the best note taking apps in all the app stores. They’ve got some great features like checklists, sharing options, you can store photos or voice notes, and it’s organization options are the best I’ve found. When I go look at properties and do my walk-through s, I take notes of everything that needs to be done to it. I’ll create a new note for each property and then I’ll take pictures and leave any voice memo’s that are pertinent. Then, once I’m done, I can email or share my notes with anyone. Overall, both of these apps are great tools for any investor when it comes to organization and systems, and the best part is they are both free.99!


Every serious real estate investor has a database to keep their leads organized and their follow up systems dialed in. When people ask me what’s the best database, I say, “ it’s the one you’ll actually use”. Nowadays, just about all CRM’s and databases pretty much do the same thing, so don’t overthink or over complicate this part of your business. If you intend to ever run a successful 6 figure icon175x175flipping business, understanding all the features within your client relationship management software is key.
I like Follow Up Boss because they are simple and it does exactly what I need it do in order for me to keep up with my leads so things aren’t slipping through the cracks. I call my database my “databank”. When you properly service and mine that database correctly, you’ll find that it has lots of gold in it which can lead to big paydays. Be sure to keep each leads notes updated at all times, set tasks, create legitimate touch campaigns, and always stick to your calendar within the platform. If you do that, you should see great success as time goes on.
 photoDropbox is a must-have for any real estate investing business and it’s worth every penny. They have a free option up to a certain point of storage, and then once you cross that threshold, they have many cost effective options you can use. For my business personally, my staff would probably say this is the most important software we use in order to systematize and keep the business organized. I think of Dropbox as my cloud-based filing cabinet that allows me to store all my digital files for literally anything and everything in the business. Not only is it extremely user friendly, it gives me the options to share these files with anyone I choose to give access to, which is very convenient. My staff loves it, my account loves it, and my tax professional loves it…so therefore I LOVE IT! As your business grows, no matter what platform you choose, having a system to keep your files protected, organized, and accessible is an absolute must.


Run Your Business Like a Business.

No matter where you’re at in your real estate investing journey, intentionally implementing systems and structure will serve you in being more productive and profitable. I share these resources in hopes that you will find something here that will serve you, your business, and your team to become more efficient. I’ve found that it’s often the smallest tweaks in life and business that lead to the biggest breakthroughs. If you have any specific questions on how to best use these tools listed above, or maybe you have found some others to add to the list that I’m missing, I encourage you to share and put those here in the comments below. Like you, I am a student of life, always looking to learn and grow so don’t be shy and share your feedback.

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