The Top 3 Reasons to Join a Real Estate Team

Obviously, you can go out and do your own hustle when you are starting your real estate business. But going out and doing your own grind to build your business from the ground up requires a lot of work. You do have the option, however, to join a real estate team. The question of whether […]

4 Ways To Secure Financing On A Flip

How am I supposed to break into Real Estate investing if I can’t get financing? I don’t have any credit or money! After teaching and speaking to thousands of aspiring Real Estate investors, I have come to realize that financing is the number one thing that holds them back from flipping houses and buying investment […]


While it might seem light complete taboo, literally anyone can find a great deal, flip a house, and make a massive profit. I personally know real estate investors who are retirees, college students, realtors, mortgage professionals, and 9-5’ers flipping as a side hustle. It’s even possible, (though not always typical) to profit 6 figures in […]

The Only Tool You Need to Start Your Flipping Biz

When it comes to setting up a real investing business, it can be argued that you really don’t need much of anything to get started except for a phone number and an email address. To be honest, I really can’t argue with that statement because its true. However, that approach will only get you so […]

6 Simple Tech Tools Every Real Estate Investor Should Use

If you want to flip houses and run your real estate investing business like a pro, these key tech tools and resources will empower you to be a more productive and organized investor. Today, technology has enabled many investors to run lean, keep overhead down, and create more structure within their organization. For anyone looking […]

3 Reasons Women Have An Edge Over Men In Real Estate Flipping

Recently a female friend of mine asked me if I thought real estate investing was a man’s game. My immediate response was, “Of course not! There’s opportunity for everyone.” I was shocked she thought this – I personally have a ton of female mentors and friends who excel in the real estate flipping space. Her question […]