How This Dreamer Created His Freedom Lifestyle Against All Odds

Diego is a Dreamer, in more ways than one.  Coming to America from Peru at the age of 9 with his family Diego adopted his parent’s determination and work ethic. Lacking the necessary paperwork to accept the college scholarships offered to him, Diego used his resourcefulness to start a company and put himself through college. […]

How To USE Your Difference To MAKE A Difference

  A 3X TEDx speaker and Top 40 Millennial Influencer Tayo is on a mission to use his DIFFERENCE to make a difference as a storyteller, cultural translator, and brand strategist for change-makers. Tayo’s goal is to build the next set of global leaders by teaching individuals how to communicate effectively across cultures and communicate with […]

How Referrals, Generosity, And The 7 Levels Of Communication Can Build You A Multi-Million Dollar Empire

Michael Maher, the author of 7L The Seven Levels of Communication.  He started off his career as a high school math teacher Michael used his communication skills to become one of the top real estate professionals today.  In this interview Michael will teach us why communication is the key to success, how referrals are the […]

From Being Completely Broke To Having $1,000,000 Liquid In Under 12 Months

Today we are joined by Romacio Fulcher.  After starting his career in Real Estate he transferred to network marketing and today is one of the top 20 network marketers in the entire world.  In this interview Romacio talks about the ways to acquire wisdom, why residual income is so important and how mentorship has influenced […]

From Her Death Bed To Making Waves As A Top Blockchain Influencer

Today we are joined by Cherie Aimee.  Starting out as a programmer she was the founder and CEO of her own Tech firm until her life was interrupted by cancer, heart failure and 3 months in a coma.  Her journey to the edge of death caused her to have a spiritual awakening that shifted her […]

Using Emotional Intelligence To Unlock Unlimited Wealth And Freedom

Today we are joined by Bonnie Kelly. In this interview, Bonnie will educate us on emotional intelligence, what questions we should all ask ourselves when we become emotional and specific techniques on how can we reprogram ourselves and our habits so we can stop getting in our own way.   About Bonnie: Overcoming a childhood […]

Millennial Angel Investor Raises Over $1 BILLION Dollars While Paving The Way For Other Female Leaders In The Space

Today we are joined by Codie Sanchez, a bad ass entrepreneur who is an Angel Investor, Start Up Advisor, Speaker and Journalist.  In this interview, Codie talks about her thoughts on Cryptocurrency, investing in Start Ups and why finding your leverage points is so important for getting ahead.    About Codie: Starting out as a […]