Don’t Fall Into the Dangerous “Comparison Trap”

When we’re constantly striving for more in life, its hard not to fall into the trap of comparing ourselves to others. The danger in this is that it leads us into a space of judgement and self-doubt. When we get to a place of comparing, and not feeling “good enough”, it can rob one of […]

5 Tips on How to Make 2017 Your Best Year Ever

I think we can all agree, when it comes to investing, Warren Buffett can teach us all a few things. He’s been in the game for a long time, has made many people rich, and does it in a high integrity way that has earned him to title, the “Oracle of Omaha”. In this episode, […]

“The Grind” vs Entrepreneurial Wellness

“In order to succeed, you have to grind your ass off”! This is a common belief and saying amongst many entrepreneurs and business owners in todays current landscape. While this is definitely true, entrepreneurship is an endurance test. “Grinding” will only get you so far and isn’t sustainable over the long term. In this episode, […]

How To Be More Grateful (Not Just on Thanksgiving)

During my morning gratitude session, I found myself wondering why today (Thanksgiving) I felt so much more grateful than all the other days this year. What was it about today in particular that enabled me to be more grateful -to feel a deeper sense of gratitude- versus all the other days of the year. In order to level […]

What If I Told You That You Had 1 Year Left to Live?! 

What if you were told, out of the blue, that you were going to die and you had 1 year left to live? Would you choose to live differently? What exactly would you do? Today’s episode was inspired by, and is dedicated to one of the greatest guys I know, Hal Elrod. He has reminded me to […]

Just Be Yourself. Everyone Else is Taken.

One of the greatest things that ever happened to me was the day I fully accepted me for me, and quit trying to be anything but that. When I discovered the power in me, the power we all have within us, and I turned up the volume on that, everything else in my life became more […]

Are You Willing to Pay the Price? 

“The only thing that sat its way to success was a hen” – Sarah Brown. The only way to accomplish anything in life is to put in the work. The more desirable it is, usually the harder the work it will require. After a great phone call with an old friend, the story he shared […]

The 3 Best Leadership Tips I Recently Learned

Would you agree that growing as a leader in life and business ties in to ones overall success? I was recently at a leadership conference in Atlanta and I was reminded just how important it is to continue raising your leadership lid as you look to increase your income, impact, and influence in your world. In […]

Are You Leading Like Ghandi 

Leadership is key if you desire to be great! When it comes to leading others, we must first learn to lead ourselves. In this episode, I share a recent story that I was reminded of when being at a leadership conference in Atlanta over the past week. When it comes to leaders like Ghandi and the […]

The Struggle is Realllllll! 

“Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle” – Napoleon Hill. This week was a challenging one, and the struggle has been real. After re-reading this quote, I was reminded of one of my favorite stories, and ultimately, why I need to embrace the struggles and obstacles that show up in my life.