Top 15 Warren Buffet Quotes To Fire You Up

I think we can all agree, when it comes to investing, Warren Buffett can teach us all a few things. He’s been in the game for a long time, has made many people rich, and does it in a high integrity way that has earned him to title, the “Oracle of Omaha”. In this episode, […]

No Matter How Smart You Are, You Will Lose

No matter how smart you are, no matter how prepared you are, if you do something long enough, eventually you will have a humbling experience. Whether its life in general, or investing specifically, see why losing is good for you in the big picture and how you can use it as fuel to keep pushing forward.

This Easy Challenge Will Make You Wealthier, Faster 

Have you ever asked yourself why you want to be a millionaire? Is it money that you desire, or is it what you believe money will provide you? Before you start chasing wealth and wanting to be a millionaire, first I challenge you to define what being wealthy actually means to you and why its so important. In today’s episode, I […]

Implement These Wealth Affirmations to Create More Abundance in Your Life

Affirmations are one of the most powerful tools on earth for removing limiting beliefs and re-programing your mind for success. Recently I realized that I have many powerful affirmations and incantations, but not of them truly focuses on the topics of wealth or money. After interviews over 100 millionaires and learning more about their written and spoken […]

Instead of Giving Advice, Im Asking For It 

Often on Wealth Tip Wed, I am giving out some piece of advice on how to increase your income, impact and influence on your wealth building journey. Today, the tables have turned and I need you’re help. Are you willing to share your advice back with me?

Risk is a Requirement to Become Wealthy

“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far it is possible to go.” — T.S. Eliot. The most successful people in history—those who have build the largest empires, those who have left the greatest legacies, the one’s who have made the greatest impact— all understood that taking risks was a requirement […]

5 Tips For Creating a Financial Safety Net

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where life threw you a curve ball and you had an unexpected expense that really put you in a tough financial spot? Today, I break down 5 tips you can implement in order to avoid any potential pitfalls the next time one of life’s “what ifs” strikes. It’s […]

Its Time to Calculate Your Net Worth 

“Professionals keep score, amateurs dont”! I would lie if I said tracking was naturally a strong point of mine, but once I understood how vital it was to my financial success journey, it was a discipline I knew I’d need to strengthen. In this weeks episode I talk about the importance of tracking your finances, […]

Increase Your Income By Flipping Houses

Have you ever thought about what flipping houses and making major profits as a real estate investor could do for you life? What if you had the blueprint that could give you a shortcut to success? Today I share my amazing insight gained from my call with Pat Flynn on the launch of my new course, […]

What’s Your Money Personality? 

If you intend to become a millionaire, and want to build more wealth in your life, understanding you’re mindset, habits, and actions around money is extremely important. In this episode, Matty A explores the 5 different money personalities. By bringing more awareness to this area of your life, you will be better equipped to achieve your financial […]