What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

Today’s “Millionaire Worth Modeling” Podcast Interview –

A double Guinness World Record holder, Royal Engineer Charlie Martell is no stranger to adventure. Active service in Iraq, Bosnia and Northern Ireland led to a post-Army career in the humanitarian sector, where he specialized in post-conflict resolution. Working in mine-affected countries such as Cambodia, Angola and the Republic of Georgia opened his eyes to what specialists like him could do for communities living amongst mines, bombs and other debris of war.

Not only does he protect and serve, Charlie is also a world renown athlete who has conquered and attempted some insane challenges. Through his trainings, failures, and successes together, Charlie has become an elite physical and brain athlete.

In today’s episode of Millionaire Worth Modeling, Charlie Martell shares some of those insights with us. We talk about:

-The importance of high standards and discipline to achieving greatness
-Why investing time in the people you lead is critical for ensuring success
-How cultivating a team that can confide in you will help your business grow
-What making a difference rather than just making money can do for the world
-The top success building habits of high performers
-What drove Charlie to accomplish amazing acts in the year 2012 and make history
-How wonderful results can occur when you dare to venture into the unknown
-The powerful type value and growth that can be gained from alone time
-Methods that can be called upon to help handle fear
-“The 7 P’s” that will get your mindset right
-The great importance of positivity and believing in yourself

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