From Being Completely Broke To Having $1,000,000 Liquid In Under 12 Months

Today we are joined by Romacio Fulcher.  After starting his career in Real Estate he transferred to network marketing and today is one of the top 20 network marketers in the entire world.  In this interview Romacio talks about the ways to acquire wisdom, why residual income is so important and how mentorship has influenced his life.

About Romacio:

After starting out in real estate Romacio moved into Network Marketing and has never looked back.  Romacio was the fastest US President Millionaire and Worldwide Double President Millionaire ($500,000 revenue in 1 week) in company history and is currently the #16 earner worldwide in the Network Marketing industry.  

Romacio attributes his explosive success to mentorship and systems.  Romacio is now focused on helping others achieve the success he has experienced himself by training and inspiring others.

What you will learn:

What are the top two things Romacio attributes for his success? (4:16)

How do you find a mentor, and what question do you ask them when you meet them? (7:42)

As the #16 income earner in the network marketing space, what does Romacios current team look like? (24:58)

What are the most important traits to become a successful network marketer? (32:34)

What does wealth mean to Romacio? (37:40)


“The missing piece to your puzzle doesn’t look like you, talk like you and damn sure doesn’t think like you.”

“Success will not pursue you, you have to pursue it.”

“At the root of all successful people you will find a burning desire.” -Napoleon Hill

“Always look to surpass the people you are chasing.”

“As my perspective grew, I grew.”


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