From Drugs, Death, and Prison To Shaping The Next Generation and Inspiring Millions

Will Latif Little grew up in the streets of Philadelphia and dropped out of school in the 10th grade pursue a life in the gangs which promoted violence and drug dealing.  At 19 with a baby on the way Will was convicted to 20 years in prison for 3rd degree murder.  Upon the birth of his child Will vowed to change his life and is now a motivational speaker helping today’s youth not go down the path he went down.  In this interview Will talks about how he educated himself in prison, his desire to help the youth of today and what holds people back from being the best version of themselves.


Raised on the streets of Philadelphia Will spent the early part of life participating in gangs, selling drugs and violence.  After an altercation with a rival gang Will was convicted of 3rd degree murder and sentenced to 20 years in prison.  Once in prison Will decided it was time to make a change and dedicated himself to education and learning about mindset and human conditioning.  After 10 years behind bars Will was released and now focuses his time helping the youth in the communities he once terrorized as a youngster.

Now a motivational speaker Will has given a TEDX Talk, received multiple city and community awards and presented in the Juvenile Justice System and 100’s of schools all over the country.  His extremely powerful message is designed to motivate and inspire anyone he crosses path with.


What you will learn:

What moment was the catalyst for Will to change his life from a lifetime jail person to seeking personal development.  (15:35)

When times were tough in prison what phrases helped Will reframe his mental state? (22:10)

Once released from prison what was the hardest thing for Will to not fall back into his old habits and thinking.  (23:57)

What is the first thing Will tries to teach to the people who ask him for advice? (28:02)

What is the most frequent struggle Will see’s other people having that prevents them from moving forward in life? (28:38)

Why is it important for everyone to take the time to find their purpose? (30:28)

How is Will planning on making an impact in 2018? (33:15)

Listen to Will share some of his thoughts through poetry. (36:35)



“I wasn’t worried about the conviction in the court room, I was worried about the conviction in my heart to make that change.”

“The best thing god gave us is the ability to reason.”

“My passion was to give back to the young people who was going through the same dilemmas that I was going through as a kid and show them the way out.”

“People are stuck in their minds and their logic and we can’t go further because we are conditioned in a certain way.”

“A lot of us just don’t know how to live, so it’s easy for us to yearn for death because we are afraid of life.”

“A man who fails to plan is a man who plans to fail.”

“Anything worth having is going to be hard.”



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