Heart vs Hustle: How to Become an Elite Performer

Hailed by one of his CEO client’s as “some sort of hybrid of Tony Robbins & Martin Luther King Jr,” Brandon Hawk is an expert in human potential.

After joining the U.S. Olympic Tennis team at the age of 17, Brandon had the opportunity to taste the double-edged sword of success at a young age. He retired from Tennis in his early 20’s due to injury and began a 10 year journey of studying, developing and testing principles of personal transcendence and human connection.

Brandon now works exclusively with CEO’s who pay up to $250,000/year to develop their capacity for a more quality, productive and fulfilling life — all of whom credit Brandon with dramatic life change.

In today’s episode of Millionaire Worth Modeling, Brandon Hawk and I talk about:

-How life lessons can be learned through sports
-Ways that “heart based connection” can allow for higher achievements
-Why denying pain can be detrimental to success
-The ways providing “protection” and “provision” for yourself is so empowering
-How putting yourself first enables you to provide for those around you at a higher level, and how to achieve this
-The ways anger can be altered into power rather than be detrimental
-How building from love can create the best life possible
-What must be done to become affluently wealthy
-Brandon’s advice on reaching your full potential
-The importance of investing into yourself and heart connection
-Why being honest about what you have to give away rather than trying to over provide what you can’t deliver will benefit you more

…and much more!

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