From Living On $2 A Day To Traveling The World And Staying At 5-Star Resorts For Free

Millennial Mindcast – Zach Benson

Text Summary:

On this episode we are joined by Zach Benson.  Zach teaches us that life is all about people and whether it’s breakdancing on national TV or growing his Instagram management agency he always reminds himself that everyone he meets has something to teach him.  


Zach is an award-winning dancer who travels around the world teaching dance clinics. Zach has been a round 4 finalist on FOX TV’s popular show “So You Think You Can Dance” and most recently he worked with Quest Crew on LMFAO’s new music video “Poppin’ bottles”.

Benson is himself an Instagram connoisseur, the CEO and founder of the Instagram management agency Assistagram, which has served high-end clients like The Ritz Carlton and The Four Seasons. 

What you will learn:

When did Zach recognize he could utilize Instagram as a business?  (13:26)

Who are some of Zach’s mentors? (18:57)

Why did Zach volunteer to live on $2 a day for food for one full year?  (19:56)

What were some of the main lessons Zach learned from working with the less fortunate? (22:23)

How did Assistagram come to be? (31:07)

What is Zach most proud of what Assistagram has created? (33:03)

What have been some of Zach’s biggest challenges in growing Assistagram? (35:22)

What does Zach want to accomplish in 2018? (39:24)


“Life is about people.”

“The overall attitude was I am going in to create value, I’m going in to make these people better, I’m going in to give as much as I can.”

“I always thought I can learn something from anybody, it doesn’t matter if they go to Oxford, Harvard, are a millionaire or are homeless.”

“Everybody is important as a human being and everyone have value to offer to others.”

“Everybody has something to teach you, but it’s your job to figure out what that is.”

“I’m a student of life and I’m always looking for my next teacher.”


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