My Top 10 Favorite Podcast Episodes

It’s been an amazing journey being able to connect with so many amazing people on the Millionaire Mindcast.

After attending my first mastermind event many years ago, I had a major mindset shift. Because of the conversations going on around me, and seeing first hand what was possible based on other people’s experiences, I began to realize that I too could accomplish these things for myself.

I became a believer that you grow into the conversations around you. If you’re surrounded by nine negative, scarcity based individuals, you run the risk of becoming the tenth. If you surround yourself with nine other millionaires, who talk and share in the belief that anything is possible in life, you most likely will adopt that thinking and lifestyle too. Whether empowering and insightful, or just the opposite, you have to make sure you’re in the “right” conversations.

This inspired me to not only have more of these conversations on a daily basis, but to share them with as many people as possible. Years later, I’ve been able to interview, mastermind with, and study 100’s of successful people that have added so much value to my life. Now I am honored to have a platform to share that with others all across the globe through the Millionaire Mindcast.

Below are some of my most cherished guests who have been on the show.

From Than Merril, Founder of Fortune Builders, to Hal Elrod – NYT Best-Selling author of the Miracle Morning book series – the list goes on and on of amazing influencers who have shared their inspiring stories and powerful messages. Jon Berghoff is one the highest demanded event and mastermind facilitators in the world – you’ll know why when you hear the X’s and O’s of his appreciative inquiry process.

Jay Papasan is a productivity master and its no surprise his book has dominated the category and conversation for the last few years. Peter Sage is the Tony Robbins of the UK and his insights on money were mind blowing. Rob Swanson is a real estate investing genius and the empire he’s built is nothing short of legendary. Millennial rockstars like Nicholas Bayerle, Alexi Panos/Preston Smiles, and Mark Lack have all impacted my life on a deep personal level with their advice on relationships, spirituality, and health. JJ Virgin has an unreal story of overcoming adversity most would crumble after facing and Brandon Hawk challenged me on many levels by cultivating the right mindset to succeed.

And for those who need a jolt of inspiration and smile today, the last one on the list is for you. Enjoy my friends ?

#1 Ep. 066 The Ultimate Mastermind Process – Appreciate Inquiry with Jon Berghoff

#2 Ep. 078 Achieve Extraordinary Results While Working Less with Jay Papasan

#3 Ep. 012 Separating Your Self Worth From Your Net Worth with Peter Sage

#4 Ep. 110 How to Increase Your Cash Flow and Avoid Making a 30 Million Dollar Mistake with Rob Swanson

#5 Ep. 108 Creating a Billion Dollar Body and Billion Dollar Mindset with Nicholas Bayerle

#6 Ep. 093 How to Unlock Your Epic Life in 5 Steps with Alexi Panos and Preston Smiles

#7 Ep. 095 How This Millennial Made 160K in a Day with Mark Lack

#8 Ep. 098 How to Be a Leader and Tap into Your Miracle Mindset with J.J Virgin

#9 Ep. 102 Heart vs. Hustle – How to Become an Elite Performer with Brandon Hawk

#10 Ep. 096 How this “Apprentice” Rockstar Went From Poverty to Big Profits with Troy McClain

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2 thoughts on “My Top 10 Favorite Podcast Episodes

  1. Hey Matt! I love listening to all of your podcasts, they all have such a positive energy and very inspiring! I listen and re-listen!! I am a very busy wife, mother of 3, small business owner and I am working on my second business.. I thoroughly believe in what you repeatedly say “you are the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with”… Except, sometimes I feel very much alone in a world where most people are satisfied with the status quo. So, as a result, my 5+ are consistently your podcasts! As I said, I listen and re-listen– I am wondering if there is a podcast (or 2) that you enjoy listening to? I am always looking to stay positive and motivated and be ever-changing 🙂

    1. Kelli, I am so glad to hear you love the show. People like you are the whole reason I am so passionate about doing it and bringing these kinds of conversations to light more often. Entrepreneurship and chasing big dreams in general is a lonely path, but it doesn’t have to be. You just need to know where to find your tribe so Im glad the podcast has been valuable for you. If you ever want to know more about our entrepreneurial community with others just like you/us, check out There are many others like us in this community and lots of valuable tools and resources for business owners should you want to connect more. Thanks for the awesome comment and hope to connect more with you soon

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