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Matthew James Aitchison, born in Roseville, CA in 1988, is a hotelier, investor, and podcast host. Despite facing numerous challenges and setbacks in both his personal and professional life, Matt attributes his success to one mantra: “Be dumb enough to believe in yourself, and smart enough to take massive action on achieving your dreams daily”.

From a young age, Matt was instilled with the values of hard work and a determination to never give up by his parents, no matter how big the challenge. Despite their divorce early in his life, they remained amazing co-parents, always encouraging him to pursue his dreams and embrace failure as a stepping stone to growth and success. Although he was never the fastest, smartest, or strongest, Matt quickly learned that his shortcomings would become the training grounds for building the mindset, habits, and discipline which would eventually unlock his desired outcomes. 

During his early teens, Matt’s mother introduced him to personal development and real estate investing conferences, igniting his passion for financial freedom, learning, and planting the seeds of entrepreneurship. Sadly, tragedy struck at the age of 17, as his beloved stepmother succumbed to a rare form of cancer within a matter of days, leading Matt down a path of poor decision-making, resulting in his expulsion from high school during his senior year.

Those dark times ended up becoming some of his greatest growth opportunities, learning invaluable lessons about resilience and never giving up on oneself. It was during this time that Matt discovered the importance of believing in yourself, even when others don’t. More importantly, it taught him the power of living in integrity and making sure one’s video (the actions), align with the audio (the words you speak).

Through course correction, and a relentless commitment to his goal of getting his degree from a 4 year university, Matt was able to get his expulsion expunged from his record and earned acceptance into UC Santa Barbara. While his college career began promisingly, Matt once again encountered hardship due to poor choices that resulted in his arrest and the looming possibility of much more severe consequences, including jail time. It was the pivotal “one phone call” that became the turning point in his life, as the voice on the other side of the phone reminded him that mistakes do not define a person; rather, it is how one responds to those mistakes that shapes their character and determines their future.

Determined to change his life, Matt embarked on a journey of self-transformation, found a job making cold calls for minimum wage, and completed his degree at UC Santa Barbara 3 years later. Despite climbing the ladder while in school and having a “job offer” upon graduation, Matt returned to Sacramento, where he pursued his entrepreneurial endeavors, fueled by a desire for unlimited earning potential, the ability to make a positive impact, and the freedom to shape his own destiny. It was during this time that Matt responded to a Craigslist ad that introduced him to his first real estate mentor, a house flipper with whom he worked for free for an entire year. This experience further showed him the power of real estate investing, as he helped flip over a hundred houses that year while honing in on the skills that would serve him well in the years to come.

While supplementing his income as a real estate agent, Matt quickly realized that being a realtor would not enable him to achieve his financial and lifestyle goals. Drawing from his mentorship experience, he embarked on his first house flip, a unique endeavor involving hundreds of stray cats and a hoarding homeowner in need of a fresh start. Through creative deal structuring and leveraging 100% of other people’s money to buy his first house, Matt’s single-family flip at the age of 22 resulted in a six-figure profit and a new found commitment to burn the boats on becoming a full time real estate investor.

Over the next seven years, Matt flipped and wholesaled hundreds of houses, while consulting with various investment groups and hedge funds along the way. Always hungry for knowledge, he immersed himself in conferences, events, and mastermind groups, continually elevating his skills, mindset, and network. It was during his membership in the millionaire-based mastermind group, Gobundance, that Matt’s life took a transformative turn. Inspired by the community, he launched what would become a top 100 entrepreneur podcast, Millionaire Mindcast, where he’s interviewed 100’s of renowned business owners, investors, and thought leaders from around the world to help others pursuing similar paths.

Through proximity to big thinkers and massive action takers, Matt was inspired to set even bigger goals which led him into the world of commercial real estate investing. As he refined his creative financing skills, elevated his network, and swung at bigger opportunities, he eventually landed his first commercial strip center, all of which was creatively financed by…you guessed it, other people’s money. Today, his personal portfolio comprises apartments, laundromats, retail strip centers, medical plazas, businesses and boutique hotels. His primary focus now consists of building wealth through commercial real estate assets and following his passion for pioneering new experiential and immersive hospitality innovations in his hotels and other hospitality assets.

Above all, Matt cherishes his role as a husband to his amazing wife, Marie, and a father to his two daughters, Ella and Evelyn. He understands the importance of balancing work and family and cherishes life’s greatest treasures, experiences and time with those who matter most. With his love for travel, fine cuisine, and maximizing the return on investment in all aspects of life, Matt’s journey continues to inspire others to unlock their own “Rich Life”, his passion brand which is focused on utilizing real estate investments, productivity tools, and personal development experiences for designing and unlocking one’s own personalized definition of wealth.

If you share a passion for commercial real estate, wealth building, hospitality, or the science of unlocking your great human potential, join Matt’s newsletter, subscribe to the Millionaire Mindcast, or explore other ways to connect with him on this website.

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